How Our Core Values Make Us Beyond Great

How Our Core Values Make Us Beyond Great

At Beyond, our mottos have meaning. We work and live by three guiding principles: do what others won’t, be the best part of someone’s day and sweat the shirt.

We’re more than just a healthy eatery. When you walk into any of our locations, we do our best to give each customer an experience that makes them feel great with food + drinks that are fresh and tasty! Read more about how our core values elevate the Beyond experience:

Sweat the Shirt: We are proud of the shirt we wear and want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. As a team, we show up for each other and fight until the last whistle blows, leaving it all out on the field. We are passionate about the success of our brand, customers, community, and our teammates. We are committed to changing the game in the fast casual industry. 

Do What Others Won’t: We don’t shy away from challenges or opportunities that feel impossible. We think outside the box, write new stories, and invent new trends.  Building relationships and providing exceptional customer service is what makes us stand apart; to us the details matter. Hear more from our founder, Mijo Alanis, Restaurant Possible, as he shares more about our focus on the guest experience.

Be the Best Part of Someone’s Day: We help build stronger communities by connecting people with fresh, flavorful food. Our stores provide healthy options and world class experiences that make people feel good. We believe in the power of the neighborhood we serve and in giving back to surrounding communities. We are people who care about people. 

On the surface, it could be said that we are in the business of serving smoothies + wraps, but we are really in the business of making people feel great! If you’d like to join our mission, check out our job openings at a Beyond near you.