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3500 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor, MI


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Indulge in the cozy flavors of autumn with our enticing new fall menu! Savor the perfect blend of savory and sweet with our Maple Bacon Rustic Salad and Maple Bacon Barbecue Wrap, or treat yourself to the richness of the season with our Almond Butter Pumpkin Smoothie, Caramel Apple Smoothie Bowl, and Honeycrisp Bliss Smoothie. Experience fall in every delightful bite and sip at its finest.


Smoothie enthusiasts, gear up for Power Hours at Beyond Juicery + Eatery! Join us every Tuesday between 2pm - 5pm to indulge in our delectable signature smoothies, available for just $5. Exclusive to app and online orders! Savor the harmonious mix of flavor and well-being with our vibrant concoctions. Offer applicable only for app and online orders of signature smoothies on Tuesdays between 2-5pm.


What's the philosophy behind this location?

Our Ann Arbor (Washtenaw) location embodies the brand’s commitment to providing fresh, nutritious, and delicious offerings to the community.

Can I make customizations to my order?

Absolutely! Our menu is flexible, and we encourage customizations to cater to individual tastes and dietary needs.

Where can I find the best smoothies near me?

Look no further than Beyond Juicery & Eatery in Ann Arbor (Washtenaw). We pride ourselves on creating the most delicious and health-focused smoothies in the area.

I have a craving for salads near me; do you offer a variety?

Yes, we do! Alongside our smoothies, we have a diverse menu of fresh and wholesome salads to satisfy your greens craving.

I've heard about the acai bowls near me at Beyond Juicery & Eatery. What makes them special?

Our açaí bowls are crafted with premium quality acai, ensuring a rich and delightful flavor. They’re a favorite among our customers!

What's the difference between a fruit smoothie and an açaí bowl?

While both are nutritious options, a fruit smoothie is typically a blend of fruits, yogurt, or milk, and our açaí bowl is a thicker blend of acai for acai bowls, topped with granola, fruits, and other delectable toppings.

Is your packaging eco-friendly?

Sustainability is a priority for us, and we use recyclable or compostable packaging wherever possible.

How does this location differentiate from other eateries?

Beyond our health-focused menu, our dedication to community engagement and sustainability sets us apart in the Ann Arbor dining scene.

Is there a loyalty program available?

Yes! Customers can join our rewards program to earn points on purchases and avail exclusive offers and discounts.

Do you offer any healthy salads at Beyond Juicery & Eatery - Ann Arbor (Washtenaw)?

Absolutely! Beyond Juicery & Eatery – Ann Arbor (Washtenaw) takes pride in offering a range of fresh and health-focused salads to cater to all taste preferences.

What types of products does the Beyond Juicery & Eatery in Ann Arbor (Washtenaw) offer?

The Ann Arbor (Washtenaw) location of Beyond Juicery & Eatery offers a wide variety of fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, and smoothie bowls. Additionally, they serve healthy eats such as salads, wraps, and snacks, all with a focus on fresh, natural, and nutritious ingredients.

Do they offer any vegan or gluten-free options
Does the Beyond Juicery & Eatery in Ann Arbor (Washtenaw) offer vegan or gluten-free options?

Yes, the Beyond Juicery & Eatery in Ann Arbor (Washtenaw) offers numerous vegan and gluten-free items on their menu. However, if you have specific dietary restrictions or allergies, it’s advisable to discuss your requirements with the staff at this specific location before ordering.

Can I order online from the Beyond Juicery & Eatery in Ann Arbor (Washtenaw) or do they have a delivery service?

Many Beyond Juicery & Eatery locations, including the one in Ann Arbor (Washtenaw), offer online ordering for pickup, as well as delivery options.