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Now you can earn one point for every dollar you spend! As you earn points, you can redeem them for rewards. Rewards start with as few as 75 points. Points can be earned on purchases made in-store, online, and through our mobile app. Plus, get exclusive offers and deals just for Beyond Rewards Members


Indulge in the cozy flavors of autumn with our enticing new fall menu! Savor the perfect blend of savory and sweet with our Maple Bacon Rustic Salad and Maple Bacon Barbecue Wrap, or treat yourself to the richness of the season with our Almond Butter Pumpkin Smoothie, Caramel Apple Smoothie Bowl, and Honeycrisp Bliss Smoothie. Experience fall in every delightful bite and sip at its finest.


Smoothie enthusiasts, gear up for Power Hours at Beyond Juicery + Eatery! Join us every Tuesday between 2pm - 5pm to indulge in our delectable signature smoothies, available for just $5. Exclusive to app and online orders! Savor the harmonious mix of flavor and well-being with our vibrant concoctions. Offer applicable only for app and online orders of signature smoothies on Tuesdays between 2-5pm.


Apart from juices, what other items are on the menu at Beyond Juicery + Eatery in Northville?

Our menu includes smoothies, smoothie bowls, wraps, salads, and more.

What is the vision behind the Beyond Juicery in Northville?

Our vision is to provide fresh, healthy, and delicious options for our community, emphasizing quality and sustainability.

Do you use organic or locally sourced ingredients at Beyond Juicery in Northville?

Yes, we prioritize using organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

At the Northville location, is it possible to customize my order to fit my dietary needs?

Absolutely! We understand dietary needs vary, and we’re happy to customize your order.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is ample parking available at our Northville location.

Is there WIFI?

Yes, we offer free WIFI for our customers.

Is there seating available at the Northville location?

Yes, there is seating available at the Northville location.

Are Beyond’s juices & meal in Northville equivalents 100% organic?

Yes! We are excited to announce that our juice and meal equivalents are 100% organic.

How can I download the Beyond Juicery + Eatery mobile app?
Our app can be found on the App Store for iOS users and on Google Play for Android devices. Simply search for “Beyond Juicery + Eatery”.
Why add protein to smoothies?

Protein is crucial for our body’s growth, maintenance, and energy, especially in active individuals. We’ve introduced a product for active people: protein meal equivalents with fiber, healthy fats, and pure plant nutrition, free from additives.

What is the shelf life of bottled juices?

Our juices now have a shelf life of a few weeks due to the High Pressure Processing (HPP) which preserves the freshness and nutrients of our fresh juices.

How should I store my juice?

Your juice should be refrigerated. If you need to transport your juice, place the necessary bottles in a cooler with ice.

Are there vegetarian or vegan options available on the Northville menu?

Yes, we offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options to cater to all dietary preferences.

How do you contribute to the local Northville community?

We regularly participate in community events, sponsor local initiatives, and support local farmers and suppliers.

Is the packaging that you use at the Northville location made from environmentally friendly materials?

Yes, our packaging is eco-friendly and made from recyclable or compostable materials.

How is Beyond Juicery + Eatery different from other juice bars or eateries?

We emphasize quality, sustainability, and community involvement, setting us apart from other establishments.

Do you have a loyalty or rewards program for regular customers?
Yes, we do have a Rewards Program for our loyal customers.
Are there any seasonal specials or new menu items currently available?

Yes, we regularly introduce seasonal specials and new items. Check our menu or ask our staff for the latest offerings.

How can I provide feedback about my experience at Northville?

We value customer feedback. Please speak to our staff, leave a review online, or contact us through our website.

Where can I get smoothie bowls in Northville?

You can enjoy a variety of delicious smoothie bowls at our Beyond Juicery + Eatery location in Northville.

What are popular items offered at the Northville location?

Our top sellers include our signature smoothies, juice cleanses, and vegan wraps.

Does the Northville location offer smoothie bowls?

Yes, we have a diverse range of smoothie bowls available at our Northville location.

Does Beyond Juicery + Eatery offer delivery options in Northville?

Yes, we offer delivery through our app and partnering services.

Are salads or wraps available on the menu at Beyond Juicery + Eatery in Northville?

Yes, we offer a variety of fresh salads and wraps made to order.

Is there a drive-thru at the location in Northville?

Currently, we do not have a drive-thru at our Northville location.

Is Beyond Juicery + Eatery hiring in Northville?

We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team. Please check our website or contact our Northville location for current openings.