What makes the Boba Blue Bowl, Blue? 

Boba Blue Bowl

We just launched a product we are super excited about… The Boba Blue Bowl! It is a smooth Coconut Blue Sorbet, layered with Bursting Strawberry Boba*, Crunchy Honey GF Granola, and topped with Banana, Strawberries, and Kiwi.

What Makes the Boba Blue Bowl, Blue?

The Coconut Blue Sorbet is blended with blue spirulina, which gives the sorbet its beautiful blue color. Some additional ingredients in the mixture to create its unique flavor are coconut and pineapple. It is a tropical bliss! 

Not only does this bowl taste good, it has several health benefits as well. Blue spirulina is a type of blue-green algae that grows in both freshwater and saltwater. Spirulina’s main active compound, phycocyanin, is where a lot of its great antioxidants come from. Phycocyanin also carries anti-inflammatory properties, and it is what gives Spirulina its blue-green color. 

Spirulina is an organism that can be used as a supplement, which is growing in popularity. This is due to spirulina being loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that support brain, body, and gut function. 

Spirulina may support your body in many ways. Just to name a few benefits, spirulina may enhance cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Spirulina is also beneficial for balancing cholesterol levels. In other words, it is known to reduce “bad” cholesterol and raise the “good” cholesterol. To add to that, spirulina can act as a prebiotic, and promote healthy bacteria in the gut. If you pair it with probiotics and fiber, it is the ultimate gut health master!

Top It Off

Now that we are all amazed by the magical blue product found in the Coconut Blue Sorbet, we can’t forget about the new tasty fruit that tops the bowl and pulls it all together – kiwi! 

Kiwi is high in vitamin C & E, potassium, dietary fiber, antioxidants, and folate. All of these factors make kiwi great for your immune system and digestive health. Did you know that the skin of the kiwi is edible?! Although we don’t serve it that way due to texture, it is safe to consume! 



We hope you get to come in and try our new Boba Blue Bowl soon!

*Boba pearls and jellies present a choking hazard and should not be served to children under 5 years of age.