Spring Into Freshness with New Spring Launches

Spring Into Freshness with New Spring Launches

Spring has officially sprung at Beyond Juicery + Eatery, and we’re serving up freshness all season long!

Our Boba Blue Bowl officially launched this month. We took our refreshing coconut blue sorbet made with blue spirulina, and topped it off with strawberry bursting boba, crunchy honey Gluten Friendly granola, fresh kiwi, strawberries, and banana. This vegetarian and gluten-friendly option is a party for your tastebuds and a sweet treat without compromise.

This is our second smoothie bowl of the season, following the launch of our Dream Bowl, an acai frozen base topped with crunchy honey GF granola, fresh strawberries, peanut butter, banana, coconut and vegan chocolate chips.

Our menu is extremely customizable with the flexibility to add or omit any ingredient to meet your dietary preferences. We love seeing our customers show off their creativity with additional toppings or by adding protein to their favorite smoothie.

Speaking of smoothies, who doesn’t love a refreshing fruity drink to enjoy as the weather warms up? A delicious blend of goodness, smoothies provide energy and nourishment. And because there are countless combinations of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and dairy, there’s a drink to suit all taste buds.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from one of our happy customers:

 “Nothing pairs with sunshine quite like a delicious juice or smoothie. I was able to concoct my own ‘build your own’ juice to get just the right combination of flavors that I was craving. If freestyling isn’t your thing, Beyond features a menu of pre-selected juice and smoothie blends for you to choose from. All drinks on the menu are relatively low in calories but still have a high impact on taste.” – Autumn M., Detroit, Michigan.


 Eat fresh, feel great. Beyond makes it that simple. Find your nearest location today!