Vendor Spotlight: Devries & Co. 1887

A Detroit legacy

In the heart of Detroit’s Eastern Market you will find the city's best cheese and specialty foods shop. With a 124 year legacy, DeVries & Co. 1887 represents generations of hard work, passion, and a “timeless shopping experience”. When you walk in the front doors, you are immediately grounded in the city of Detroit and the history of Devries & Co.; from the recycled lighting of the old Detroit Axel plant to the names of the original store founders posted over the front doors. For many years, folks have made DeVries & Co. a mandatory stop on their weekly visits to Eastern Market for both the experience and the products. 

At the helm of Devries & Co. is Megan Lewis, the current manager and part owner of this wonderful establishment.  For those of you who have visited Eastern Market, you know that the hustle and bustle of the farmer’s market is not a place for the weak-willed. At 15 years old, Megan’s father, an Eastern Market veteran of over 45 years, dropped her off at Devries & Co. and told her to work hard. She was thrown straight into the ring from day one and immediately fell in love with the entire atmosphere. Throughout her high school and college years, Megan enjoyed working for the Devries family, even working weekend shifts while she attended school for her Master’s of Business degree. Following college, Megan took a job in the healthcare industry and progressed into a consulting career, only to find that her passion was truly behind the counter at Devries & Co. Eventually, the opportunity of Megan’s lifetime arose and she dove in headfirst; she quit her corporate job, picked up where she left off at Devries & Co., and eventually became part owner of the store. After 5 years Megan has never looked back. She loves her role in growing their business, all while preserving the history and authenticity of Devries & Co.

As with many other small-owned businesses, the Covid Pandemic had an incredible impact on Beyond Juicery + Eatery. As a company we knew that we had to pivot and react quickly if we were going to weather the storm. Our collaborations with Devries & Co. were truly a shining moment in an otherwise dark year. Megan worked with us to hand select beautiful meat and cheese options, allowing us to provide our guests with the opportunity to build their own charcuterie kits right from the safety of their homes. However, these kits represented more than just a way to keep our businesses alive, they were a way to keep our respective communities alive by connecting people through food, passion, and legacy, even during a socially-distant pandemic. Megan’s knowledge of cheese, meats, and pairings is unparalleled and we are so honored to continue our collaborative work with her!

For the best in cheese, specialty foods, and experience, stop by Devries & Co. in Eastern Market and explore the vast selection of high quality and unique food products they have to offer. Pro Tip: the 2nd and 3rd floors are a charm not to be missed! Be sure to spend some time up there looking through the wide variety of unique non-food items, which are truly perfect for gift giving.